Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Vinegar Cleaning Update

So, you may remember my vinegar post from last year. If not, let me just tell you that I tried cleaning with white, distilled vinegar and was amazed at the results. If you use it as a "mist" (from a spray bottle) with a cleaning cloth, it cleans without streaking. I cleaned windows, mirrors, stainless steel appliances, countertops, my sink, etc. I even used it to clean the toilets.

I was in love. It was one product for all purposes and ... it was super cheap.

However, while I loved using it and loved the immediate results, I did not love the long term results. (Let's not even mention the smell. Add a little oil and my house smelled like salad dressing!)

I noticed that my toilets would get that pink mildew ring in the bowl after only a few days. More specifically, it would only take about 3-4 days to have a mildew ring. This made it look like I hadn't cleaned my toilets in weeks. Kind of embarressing - especially when a guest would need to use the restroom. "Please excuse the potty, Friend. I usually clean it once a year and it's almost that special day!"

I am not totally in love with cleaning toilets. It's a big deal for me to clean one, let alone multiple toilets. And I won't even go "there" about cleaning up stray hairs that are on bathroom countertops. Somehow, a hair in my sink will trigger the gag reflex despite the fact that said hair was on my very own head within the past 24 hours. Sometimes as recently has the past 10 minutes.

Back to vinegar. I figured if my toilets were showing germs this quick, then other areas that were cleaned with vinegar were also germy, albeit not as noticeable. So, while I will still keep vinegar on hand in my kitchen for quick clean up jobs, I will not be using it as my main cleaner.

And I'm back to "real" toilet bowl cleaner. My potty almost looks clean enough to ... ewww. Nevermind.

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