Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I have two resolutions for this year. One was created by myself and the other was created by my sweet husband.

My resolution is to send a card to every friend/loved one on their birthday this year. It sounds small, but there is some sort of disconnect between my intentions and a postal stamp. It's like I have some sort of irrational, deep-seated dread of a post office box. Nonetheless, I shall overcome.

I didn't ask for this resolution, but King seems to think it's necessary. Vital even. He says this is the year I will not care what anyone thinks. I can care what God, King and Princess thinks, but no one else. You have to know me to understand how hard this will be for me. The song that emanates from my heart...

Alas. While I'd like the whole world to live in harmony, the closest I can get to making the world live in harmony is to buy someone a coca cola. And if that makes you upset with me ... I'm supposed to not care.

And I'm trying to not care.

King gave me this resolution around October of 2010 and I began to tentatively try it. By December, I was beginning to feel some serious freedom! I could be sweet and kind and STILL not care what people thought of my decisions.

We'll see how this goes.

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