Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm still sick, but better. We are at my parents' house now. We had a gargantuan birthday party this morning to celebrate everyone's birthday that wasn't celebrated throughout the year. Seems that I'm not the only one who is tardy about mailing presents.

We've also been surrounded by extended family which is fun. Tomorrow my mom's extended family will come over for a Christmas party and "White Elephant" gift exchange.

My granny came over with everyone last night and evidently the excitement of seeing my brothers, myself and our kids was a little much for her and she had an alzheimer's episode during the night. She's really changed in the past 6-9 months since I saw her last. Her face structure has even changed. She's looking like the 91 year-old that she is, but it's still hard to watch. She's always been such a picture of unconditional love and sweetness and energy. It's hard to watch her struggle for thoughts and be so feeble. They said she falls every week or so now. But, the great thing is that she is still with us and still "Granny" for the most part.

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josha said...

You are looking so cute! You've always been beautiful, even at your biggest, but you are sure getting back down to that little Misty I first met! Only more beautiful! Thanks so much for wanting to help me with workouts, etc. It just never felt like the thing to do, always something else that needed to happen instead.
Hard but wonderful to be with Granny this year for us too. love you.