Thursday, December 20, 2007

2 miles

That's how far I walked this morning. There is something inspiring about exercising outside. I can go farther and faster when I am outside versus walking/running on the treadmill.

It seems that my migraines are here to stay until work gets less stressful and I can't see that happening until late February to March. As a result, if I'm not paralyzed then I try to exercise in the morning before the migraine pain hits. I have lost two pounds in the past two days. I'm really trying to get my water in each day and carefully watch my portions. The tricky thing is that when I have hyper episodes, I have to eat to abort them ... carbs and sugar no less! Increased eating and lying down paralyzed for 6-8 weeks will put the pounds on a gal.

I'd love for ya'll to share some low-fat crock pot recipes. Working the hours that I am, I don't have the time most days to cook, so the crock pot is my friend. If you do not want to register with blogspot in order to comment on my blog, you can just email them to me.

Stop by my SIL's blog and wish her a happy b-day today! She's amazing and deserves many blessings today!

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josha said...

You're so thoughtful! I hope my birthday present today is that YOU have it migraine freeeee!