Wednesday, December 26, 2007

doctor, doctor, tell me what to do!

I'm sick. I left home well, or so I thought. However, on Christmas eve I started in with a sore throat and icky feeling. 24 hours later, I had lost my voice and had lots evidence of bronchitis, if you know what I mean. I went to the doctor today and yes, I have bronchitis, fever and an ugly throat. I'm drinking Airborne, got a shot of steroids and am on an antibiotic.

As far as eats go, I took a 24 hour free day from part of Christmas to part of today. I thorougly enjoyed it! Delicious chocolate pie, my fav foods ... yum! I'm back to being good. Hubby has encouraged me to keep eating the chocolate pie as I have no idea when I'll get to eat a Nana Chocolate Pie again. We'll see. Right now, being sick is a pretty good reason to just be good on the eats. I feel kind of rotten anyway.

We had snow last night and I forgot to take a picture. It's mostly all gone today. It was just enough to cover the ground, but was a beautiful gift from God on Christmas night. :)

Our Savior Reigns!!

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