Thursday, April 09, 2009


I typically don't get into stereotypical bashing. However. I'm making an exception.

But, before I make my exception, let me make a tiny disclaimer. I love certain lawyers. I have a couple of lawyers that are near and dear to me... just precious.

But, the whole lot of 'em? Blech. Argumentative, bullying, unteachable, unwilling to listen, impatient and entitled. That pretty much sums up my customer support experience with lawyers. And sadly, I've listened to a bucketful of them.

Tuesday, I received a typical call from a lawyer. Instead of being like 99% of our customers, he asked his question and followed it by immediate, impatient, harrassing lanuage. He didn't even wait for an answer and then finished his tirade by asking if there was any live person at our company that he could talk to.

Um. (checking pulse in neck) Hello? Will I do?

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Katybug said...

My dad was an attorney and hated it. My brother is an attorney and hates it. A long-time friend of mine is an attorney and hates it. See a pattern? ;-)