Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Beautiful Girl, Beautiful Arabian

Riding a horse is not as easy as it looks. Riding English is especially hard. Princess looks great in this photo. Her heels are down, her shoulders are almost exactly over her hips and she's looking ahead. Her instructor calls this "driving the horse". Princess is doing a great job!

She's leaning too far forward and has her hands on Cougar's neck, but her eyes are looking forward and she's squeezing with her knees. Leaning forward shifts the rider's weight and communicates slowing/stopping to the horse.
Cougar has a very long mane. I love to see it fly when he goes over the crossrails. Princess has a pretty good "two point" position, but she has her hands on Cougar's neck. A no-no.

Princess's body is in a good "two point" position (except for those pesky hands on his neck).

I love to watch her ride. She has so much fun! She almost fell off 3 or 4 times this lesson, which is a record. She hasn't fallen off yet so far. Cougar will buck or rear if he has the inclination. He is good for her in that he doesn't let her get away with poor riding skills. She is good for him in that she doesn't let him cheat. Friday's lesson was frustrating and there were several tears shed on cougar's neck and a bit of railing towards him. Horse riding is a great way to toughen up a person and teach perseverance.
Princess's instructor says that horses wake up each day trying to figure out how they can cheat. I believe it. These pesky kids strap on a girth around their bellies, put a bit in their mouths, and then have the nerve to make them cantor and jump when they'd much rather be in the pasture with their muzzle in some soft grass.

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Josha said...

oh, yes. they cheat for sure. Mine did. I'd still like another one! Princess, You look great on Cougar!