Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Dentist

I had the illustrious privilege of witnessing a horse have its teeth floated. At least, I think that was what was happening. That's the horse's tongue the vet tech is holding in her hand. They sedate the horse and then file away.

I feel a little like this in the dentist chair. People are doing ungodly things to my mouth, the sedation is not enough and when it's all said and done my tongue doesn't fit in its proper place anymore.

I'm just sayin'.


ann said...

Heehee! But you know, that really is an interesting post! Look at that bucket of dentist tools, yikes!

Rebecca said...

Having just visited the dentist yesterday for my 6-month cleaning, your post title and first photo alarmed me. I was relieved to see the patient and very grateful for the preventive care we have available these days. I intend to keep these pearly whites!

Thanks for sharing your very interesting experience.

Josha said...

How does one become a horse dentist?