Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This is Princess in an episode. She is number 15. If you can enlarge the picture by clicking on it, you will see her blank stare, pale face and brown circles under her eyes. We are learning that this is a classic Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis episode for her. This was right before half time. She ate a snack bar during half time and was better the second half of the basketball game.

The school called about 11:00 this morning saying Princess was in the nurse's office. The description was pretty classic although this was her first time in the nurses' office with an episode. The nurse on duty today is the same one that attended me during a whopping Hypo episode in Mom's Prayer last year. This is the same nurse that warned me of the requirement to call an ambulance if I or Princess has an episode (bad idea, btw). It has been good to "grow" together and allow others to see these episodes and how we cope.

I am in and out of episodes myself today, so I couldn't go up to school. Her daddy went to attend to her and I'm sure that was special. King has helped me with innumerable episodes over the past 8 years ... you'd think I'd be copacetic with him going instead of myself. I was later, but my initial reaction was a mommy reaction. My baby was not well and it didn't matter if I was paralyzed ... I was going to be by her side. Silly gal that I am, I eventually saw logic and stayed home. She is out of her episode and should be taking a Latin test about now.

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