Monday, February 11, 2008

I took a personality profile test as part of our Life Group at church. This test is annoying to take, but it is spot on! I found out new things about myself and confirmed others. Our Life Group consists of 6 couples ranging in age from upper 30's (me) to early 60's. We are indeed a fun bunch, if I do say so myself. We met last week for instruction/interpretation on the profile along with 4 other Life Groups. We were the rowdy group as we have all become good friends in the two years that we have been meeting. We know so much about each other, but sharing our profiles has taken us to a new level of fun/relationship. About my profile: If you look at the sample profile, you will see on page 3 the different personality types. If you stack the levels on top of each other like you would layer bricks when building a house, the foundational layer is the core of who you are. The 2nd layer (from the bottom) is your next strongest aspect of your personality. It goes on until you reach the top. Each aspet/type of the personality has a percentage. I'm foundationally a Dreamer at 89%. Next, I am a Persister at 89%. Then I am a Harmonizer at 59% and then an Energizer at 59%. My least strong characteristics are Achiever at 30% and Catalyzer at like 20%.

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