Saturday, February 16, 2008

Candy Palace

My dear daughter got the entrepreneurial gene from her dad. She came up with the idea of a "shop" to sell her wares, The Candy Palace. A lemonade stand is simply not where it's at. This girl wants her customers to have a kiosk full of things from which to choose. Mostly, she just wants customers. The very fun thing is what she does with her money. She doesn't sell things for herself. All, and I repeat, all proceeds go to Makarios to bless Miss Sharla and the Haitian people in the Dominican Republic. Our friend, Sharla, started Makarios (greek for "blessed") after teaching in the DR and seeing the need of the people. It's an amazing ministry. Check out their blog.

So, on Tuesday I began cleaning her room of outgrown clothes and toys. Yes, it is Saturday and I'm still not done. Seems when you turn into a tween that you no longer enjoy the things of a pre-tween. It's actually a good thing, this purging of toys and junk. At the end of this room overhaul, there will be more things to sell in the "Candy Palace" and less stuff in her room to manage. Photos are taken Saturday morning. We'll post after pics ... later. :) And, of course, let's not forget Mommy's little helper, Dixie!

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