Tuesday, August 07, 2007


My King is back! How I missed him!! He went to help his parents after his dad's hip replacement. Did you know it only takes an hour to do a hip replacement?! I told King that it sounded a little too much like a GM plant assembly line with the surgeon finishing the last stitch and calling out, "NEXT!!". No, it really wasn't that bad and Papa is doing very well. Modern medicine just amazes me sometimes. I wish it was all so easy. But, then there is Periodic Paralysis and Autism. Sometimes I wish modern medicine would amaze me a little more.

I'm still taking care of customers this week and it is so much more fun than last week. I told King that what he did last week by leaving town and giving me the customers to take care of was like taking me out on a big lake, putting his foot on my bum, dumping me in the water and saying, "I'm pretty sure you can swim. I know you'll do a great job because you are doing your best! I'll be back in a week. Call me if you need anything!" And then, ZOOM, off he went in the boat and left me there. Aaaaaaah! LOL He was right, as always. I did swim. I did a good job. I did my best. He was back in a week. I did call him when I needed somthing. A lot. :)
Princess is doing her first Vacation Bible School. Yesterday was her first day and she loved it. The "tarantula man" was there with many creepy things. Glad I was working!!
And as for my SIL's birthday present ... it's still in my garage. It's shorter than a yard stick, too heavy to ship and veeeerrrry old. What could it be?! The good news is that she will find out next week if she comes to see me.


josha said...

That sounds very much like a bribe to me. Silly girl, I've already been trying to figure out exactly how and when I will see you. But I do plan to see you! With or without my new pint-sized Lexus.
Glad about King's dad and that he is home safe!

flowerpot said...

Oh, dear. no, I am not bribing. :) I just can not ship this "thing" and if I get to see you next week or so, then you will get to see it! If I don't get to see you, well, then it will be a while before you get to see it. I'll gladly deliver to a meeting point. I do hope we get to see you guys somewhere in your TX travels!!

Glad the jeep worked out. Those bears give me the creeps.