Friday, August 17, 2007

Back to School

Ok, we aren't really back to school. That's Tuesday, but we've been up to school a lot helping out and doing parent things. Lauren met her teacher yesterday and we all agree that she is dreamy!! She is so sweet, kind, thoughtful, flexible, and it doesn't hurt Lauren's feelings that she is young and beautiful, too! :)

My weightloss is still going well. I'm losing inches as well and loving it. I'm using up my stock of Nutrisystem foods, but am not reordering.

The tropical depression is making things wet here. I know the whole coast from Florida (hi Amy) to Mexico is watching Hurricane Dean. Thankfully Dean is passing north of our beloved St. Vincent in the Antilles. They are still getting tropical storm stuff, but not like Barbados. Ouch. King and I were thinking what that outdoor airport must be like in Barbados this morning. I can't imagine the wind tunnels through that thing. Yeo.

Well, I'm off to school again this morning. New families to our school get to sign up for all the activities early before the rest of us old timers. I'm going to go host and answer questions. I hope I know the answers. :)


josha said...

Loved being in your home! Thanks for always making it warm and fuzzy.

josha said...

where oh where are you?