Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back to School

We are starting our third week of school. It's a great year, although a challenging one. Third grade is not for the faint of heart. Our head master said at Back To School Day, "School is hard work. It's their job." Somehow that simple phrase gave me new energy and enthusiasm for what lies ahead this year. We've begun latin and have a real math book as well. Princess loves it all and feels very grown up.

I'm mentoring young women again this year and loving it. I am also reading a book called, "Polishing God's Monuments". Oh, this is such a good book. The author (Jim Andrews, I think) tells the story of his grown daughter's baffling, chronic illness and the enduring love of Father God and this woman's husband. It's a powerful read, woven with solid biblical truth. I highly recommend it.

Our company is beginning to be in the black a bit. King still gets more behind every day as there is literally no way one guy can do 7 jobs. I help out as much as I can, but one of the side effect of my migraines is difficult speech. I stumble over my words and have trouble speaking coherent thoughts. Not a great idea when doing customer support. So, I have not been answering phones much lately, but have been keeping up with other tasks.

I am also homeroom mom for Princess' class at school and that job is settling down after the big back to school push. I enjoy serving our new teacher (this is her first year) and the families in class.

Weightloss: I'm maintaining. I am living a totally normal lifestyle now and while I occassionally lose weight, I am maintaining my weightloss and that's nice. I still plan to lose more, but it will be a very gradual thing.

Off to school! Have a great day!

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josha said...

so, so good to hear from you! I'm glad that school is off to a great start! Hope your health is more up than down...I know you've been having some trouble. Love ya!