Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm back

Where, oh where, has Misty gone? Where oh where could she be?

I had a great vacation and never came back to bloggerland. My sweet friend, Jamie, has insisted that I get back to blogging. She's right. I just haven't thought about it.

Since I got back, I had a lazy week and my eats were not terrible, but not great either. I only gained 3 pounds on my trip, but I think I put a couple more back on when I got home. I'm now 1 pound away from where I was when I left for vacation. I lose slowly ... about a pound a week or less. I've been walking and working around the house. I've shampooed carpets, moved furniture, reorganized my workroom and helped clean out the garage.

We are reorganizing the garage because we found a super good deal on a used car. David has been driving the same pickup for 14 of our 15 years of marriage. The pickup is like the Israelites sandals ... it has never worn out. However, we've been praying about what to do for his transportation. Monday, out of the blue, we found this car and bought it the next morning. And here it is...


Jamie said...

Nice ride!!!

josha said...

snazzy! Glad you're back!!!!!!