Monday, June 04, 2007

Day 5

Where has the time gone??? O & J arrived safely night before last and since their arrival, we have totally goofed off. Our days consist of sleeping in, a 1-2 hour breakfast, nap/goof off, lunch which is 1-2 hours, snorkel/beach and pool time, dinner and games like 42 or Spades.
Last night we went out to "Sunset Point". Here is O & I enjoying the view.
Pictured above and below is the view of our dinner from O and J's balcony. This is the Mahi Mahi fresh from the boat and about to be filleted.

This morning, we went into Kingstown, the capital of St Vincent. Our taxi driver dropped us off in the middle of town and we shopped with the islanders. These weren't "tourist traps", but the shops along an alleyway where all the locals were. We bought a bunch of stuff (some stuff for you, too, Princess!) and enjoyed the local culture. We had two hours to shop and then our driver picked us up again and we stopped by the grocery store and headed back to the dock to catch the ferry back to Young Island. All the currency here is EC or East Caribbean. The currency conversion is 2.60 EC to 1.00 US. It was too much math for me. We made King the banker for the day and J and I just shopped our hearts out. :) Very fun. I got the cutest shoes for $2!

The rest of the day today was napping and beach time. King and I swam with the cutest silver fish. When we had a fish tank growing up, we called fish like this "silver dollars". I think they liked us as much as we liked them. We also saw a "flounder" that was a fairly young one. It's second eye had just moved up on top of it's body. He was so professionally camoflauged that I marveled at God's creativity. We tracked him, but as soon as he got still in the sand, we would lose sight of him. He was camouflaged like the Desert Storm vehicles that I've seen pictures of. Very cool.
Along the reef, we saw a lot of sea urchins, the black round guys with long poisonous spikes all over their body. Just seeing them gives me the heebie jeepies.

We didn't get in the water early enough today to be lazy. We had to snorkel all we wanted and then go straight back and shower before dinner. The water and air seemed to chill quite fast.

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