Thursday, June 07, 2007

Last Day

Today is our last day on the island. O booked us a fun deep sea fishing trip today. We all took an anti-motion sickness pill before we left. We had a bit of breakfast and then got on the boat. We made a beer stop and off we went. Our guide told us that they like to fish on the Atlantic side because the fishing is better. Fine with us. J and I were singing the praises of Bonine (motion meds) for the first five to seven minutes. Then J got quiet and then I got quiet. Suffice it to say that the guide turned the boat around after about 10 more minutes and headed back to the island. It was scheduled to be a six hour trip and after they dropped J and I off, they probably had a four hour trip left. I hope O and King have a great time. J and I are in bed. Suits me fine as long as I am off that darn boat. :)

Today is Thursday. Tuesday we played tennis all morning. We played doubles and had so much fun. I thought we were going to play a game or two, so I didn't put any sunscreen on. We played a set and we were pretty evenly matched. We tied up at six games a piece and then played a tie breaker game. So, all in all, we played thirteen games of tennis over the course of two hours. You know what is coming next. Part way through, J sprayed some sunscreen on my back and shoulders. Problem is that the wind was blowing and we found out later that only a few wisps of sunscreen made it onto my shoulders. I got cooked. All the islanders said, "Oh, yes. Our morning sun is the most intense." Yeah. Well, I found that out. Back at home, the afternoon sun is the worst. Here the afternoon sun is mild and sets around six p.m. or so.

The snorkeling has been so much fun. I'm so glad King bought me the nice snorkel set. It's made all the difference in the world. Yesterday one of our friends here saw a baby octopus just off the beach. I think the food is my favorite thing here, followed by tennis and then snorkeling. I'm so very glad O and J joined us. It would have been neat for just King and I to enjoy our stay, but the terrific fellowship of O and J has the made the trip perfect.

My camera battery died, so O is taking all the pictures. I'll post some when I get back home. Tomorrow is "fly day". We go all the way from the boat dock at 7 a.m. to Houston at 11:30 p.m. and then the 3 hour drive home. We'll be tired kids...


Ruthie said...

oh.. wow.. sorry you were sick.. and a the sunburn! bummer..(I got sunburned on my honeymoon!.. that stunk!)
yall be safe! cant wait to see photos! :)

josha said...

vacation is definitely over...
we sure had good company last week in a beautiful place!
Miss ya, sis!

Jamie said...

Time for a new post, lady! Maybe a pic of your steam-cleaned carpet?!

josha said...

did you disappear?? miss you!