Monday, December 13, 2010

What I Saw Today

I think I'm going to start a new topic on my blog called, "What I Saw Today". I think I will do this weekly. Some times I see things that make me rant, or maybe I'll see something cool. It's fun to share new ideas or acts of kindness.

I can tell that I will get some of my best material for this topic at Walmart. And there's no better time to people watch at Walmart than the holidays.

1. To the lady in the parking lot: If you need to floss your teeth and you cannot wait until you are at home in your bathroom, please remember that your car is not totally private. You may feel like your car is private, but really? It's like being in a glass house. There is a reason that home builders make bathrooms without glass walls.

2. Today, at the intersection of two lanes in the Christmas section of Walmart, two ladies bumped into each other. One of them saw the other first and gasped as she pointed. The other lady saw her and this dawning came over her face. You could tell that they had not seen each other in a very, very long time. These women had shared something emotional - you could just tell - because their reunion was cause for many expressions of "Oh my God!". I was standing next to the first lady as this all went down and as I maneuvered my cart around their embrace, I couldn't stop smiling. While I am not a huge fan of using God's name flippantly, their exclamations made my day. As they hugged, I thought to myself - this is what heaven will be like. We will recognize each other and embrace with laughter and joy. Some of us will be suprised to see each other (ha ha), but it will be a wonderful time of reunion. This is the reason for the season. May Christ be glorified in heaven and on earth!

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