Friday, December 31, 2010

A Wake Up Call

I stumbled upon a new blog this week. I was led there by a tragedy that this family experienced. Their experience has really woken me up and reminded me that while the blogging world is fickle and difficult, blogging is also precious.

As this family remakes their earthly home, I know they find comfort in the digital memories that remain. How precious to have pictures and a story to reflect back on when all your earthly possessions are gone!

So, I am determined to blog every week. I hope I can blog most every day, but I know I am out of the habit of blogging. I started this blog to update family, but my family (save one - hi Josha!) rarely reads this blog. Now, I have turned my heart toward blogging for the sake of memories. I have had this idea before, but have not been hit over the head with it like the story of Edie and her family.

I like to be serious, silly and a bit sarcastic at times. Here's to a new blogging year. Watch out 2011 ... you will be well documented. So be nice.

Over and out.

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