Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Working from home

I cannot seem to kick this cold/flu thing that I have had since last Thursday! Both yesterday and today I thought I would go in to work and ... not. So, I'm working from home. I could have gone in today, but my voice is just not a pretty thing. I certainly don't need to be answering phones. They'd think I was a cross-dresser.

Yesterday I talked to the nurse from the doctor's office. I called on Friday because I felt HORRIBLE. I guess I didn't whine enough on the phone because she told me when she returned my call on Monday, "Well, you obviously don't have the flu and you are not very sick, so I can ask the doctor if he wants to prescribe some antibiotics."


My response, "Ma'am, I'm going to let that comment slide. No, actually I'm not. What factors did you use to determine that I am not and have not been very sick and that I indeed, do NOT have the flu??"

Her: "Weeeellllll. You just don't have the symptoms. And you haven't been sick long enough to have the flu."

(silence again)

"Ma'am, I have been sick since Thursday with fever, sore throat, body aches, fatigue and congestion. I'm now past the body ache part and over most of the fever. What symptoms do I lack?"

Poor thing. I should have cut her some slack. I didn't intend to be rude, but she was my lifeline to the doc. And as I told her, "I'm asking clarifying questions because you are my liaison to the doctor and if somehow you have garnered the idea that I have not been very sick, we need to keep communicating because I do not want you to go to the doctor and tell him that I'm not sick and am just calling for drugs."

All is well. They did call in a Z-pack. Now if I could just get my strength back from being sick, then all will be peachy.

Maybe I just need to eat a pizza with garlic-y breadsticks followed by chocolate cake with some hot cocoa. Comfort food for a sick body. Hey, that's a pretty good Rx. Maybe I should skip the nurse and prescribe my own meds...

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Cats Meow said...

I wasn’t aware that "nurse" education equaled "doctor" education. When I call in, I really don't want the nurse (psychic though he/she may be) to diagnose over the phone.

I've run in to these control freaks before but I thought most of them were in the human resources department where I work. I've come to the conclusion they are neither "human" nor a "resource" so they must be body snatchers (smile). (I obviously have an open wound over this issue.)

You'd think they'd be dying to get you into the office just so they could get your money or your insurance company's money. (LOL)

Hope you get to feeling better way soon. I’m a total sucker for some of the really yummy Halloween candy currently available to heal all wounds and illnesses.