Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas Lists

How do you facilitate gift-giving in your family for the holidays?

We started drawing names in our extended family many years ago. Now the grandkids are big enough to be part of the mix, so we all exchange names. The ideal is to have names exchanged by summer so that we can pick up presents as we see the perfect item for a great price. This does not always happen.

Ok, never.

Still, we aim to get the most for the best price. This year, the economy is pinching us, so we are being challenged to make as many gifts as possible. I suggested re-gifting, but that idea didn't catch on so well. I pity the person who has my husband's name. Guys are so hard to shop for, don't you think? It seems like it's either tools, electronics or hunting gear. All fairly pricey items.

Thus, the obligatory neck tie.

One man I know purchased a grey purse for every member of the family and then put the gift receipt in the purse. Guys and girls alike. He figured they would return their gift anyway, so he might as well make it easy for them. Too funny.'s wish list is a great idea for helping extended family who live far away. A couple of clicks and your shopping is done. Family used this last year for the King and he got a couple of things that he loves, like a guitar tuner and some other electronic gadget.

You may remember that I made aprons for friends and family last year. Any suggestions for sewing gifts this year? I'd love some fresh ideas. I have to get busy now or I won't get it all done by Christmas.

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