Sunday, September 13, 2009


We have had a horrible drought and finally the rains came! It's rained 5 and 1/4 inches in the last three days. With much glee, we walked down to the creek to see how much the water had risen. The good news is that the creek is up ... way up. Still not running yet, but the fish, turtles and frogs are having a frat party down there.

The bad news is that I fell down the stairs to the creek. The steel stairs. Thankfully, I fell on the last section of stairs and I fell on muscle. I am a sore lady today!

Oh, and do you see that sad, pathetic little plant in the foreground? The plant has not appreciated the record breaking heat and drought. Let's hope God's showers bring it back from the dark side.

This is Princess' tent. I was trying to be brave. I am not a camping person ... even play camping.


ann said...

Oh, the view from your patio is beautiful! I would be out there all the time. And the picture of you and your daughter is adorable :) I'm thankful you didn't break anything when you fell.

flowerpot said...


Our view is beautiful. We are finally beginning to enjoy it more now that we have moved our offices out of the house. It's peaceful and relatively quiet.