Monday, September 21, 2009

Dining Table

We have never been the DIY family, because life does not slow down long enough to take on extra projects. King is the Renaissance man. He can do anything.

However, we want to change a fews things as we sell our previous home and settle into our current lease house. We may continue leasing for some time or we may buy a new house soon. We are waiting for a house to open up close to school.
So, to make our home fun and different, our DIY project is the dining table! This is King's grandmother's table. See how the edge of the table is worn? She was a lady of great hospitality. So many bellies have rubbed this table that the varnish is worn off. I long to be like her and have never wanted to refinish her table. Now, I am ready.

As a family project, we sanded the table. No small chore. Last night Princess and I went to Home Depot and got paint. We took a candlestick with us to match paint. I am so glad we did. I thought the candlestick was a blackish color with some grey. Uh, no. It's a dark, dark brown. Cool. We were able to match the candlestick and painted the first coat last night. Princess picked the color! She did great.

Oh my. I LOVE the result. In direct sun, the color is a dark chocolate. In evening incandescent light, it's a brownish black color. Very cool. I will post pictures this week.

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Katybug said... this your "official" family project??? ;-)