Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fun Personality Test

UPDATE: I should add that we were goofing off at work because the lightening had knocked the power off. No computers were injured in the taping of this game.

Ok, my sweet friend gave me this verbal test at work today. Answer each question and THEN read the interpretation for your answers. Don't cheat. You'll laugh harder if you don't peek at the interpretation. I'll give you the questions and then tell you my answers and then give you the interpretations. Don't read ahead. :)


1. What is your favorite color?
2. Why is it your favorite color?
3. What is your favorite thing about nature?
4. Why is that your favorite thing about nature?
5. If you could have absolutely any animal for a pet, what would you choose?
6. Why would you choose that animal?

Ok, my answers:

1. Royal Blue
2. It's vibrant, bold and lively
3. I love the tropics and anything that is lush with foliage, green, bold colors
4. Because it represents living, thriving
5. Horse
6. Because it's useful and it's fun.

Ok, for the Interpretations:

2. This is how you see yourself
4. This is how you see God.
6. This is the spouse you desire

I laughed so hard. King is useful and fun.

So, my single friend who gave me this test also dislikes all animals. Bordering on hate. She answered that she'd like a dead deer on the wall for her pet. Why? 'Cause it's old and it doesn't bother her. She is either going to be single forever or marry a really old dude that has one foot in the grave.


Josha said...

my answers were:
1. green
2. because it's pretty and calm
3. it's green!
4. I like green.
5. a dog
6. it's loyal and snuggly

Is God green? maybe...He is all things, so...maybe

ann said...

Okay I put:

1. pink
2. it's soft and feminine
3. the sights, sounds and smells
4. it's beautiful to take in and gives me peace.
5. a little bitty fluffy dog
6. they are snuggly and don't shed.

HAHAHA! Snuggly and doesn't shed. Fuuny :)

This was a fun quiz!