Friday, November 14, 2008

Take and Retake


This blog is to chronicle our lives. I am not a scribe, but this blog was started simply to chronicle what happens in life. I wanted a way to show pictures and write about what happens, so that if I go to heaven ahead of you and Daddy that you can sit down and re-read this blog to remember our life together.

Many times I write of the mundane. Often I write of my deep thoughts. Sometimes I can't write my thoughts at all. Those are some of the ones you most need to know, but this public forum doesn't lend itself to total vulnerability and honestly. With the way our life flies by, I'm thankful to have even this public forum to write about life.

Today is picture retake day. We are retaking your picture because the first pictures were taken while in an episode. Bless your heart, the picture shows a pretty girl with a pale face and dark circles under her eyes ... eyes that are droopy with exhaustion.

So, we set those pictures aside.

Today you have class pictures made and at the same time can have individual pictures retaken. Joy! We did all we could to help your body avoid episodes. You were supposed to go to the nurse's office at 9:15 to take your slow release potassium. It's 11:10 and you just called me. Exhausted. In an episode. Having just taken your picture retakes.


The pictures will look similar to the first, I expect. I console myself with the knowledge that 4th grade pictures will be accurately documented. It's been a tough time of Periodic Paralysis for you. The tough knowledge is that the hard times haven't even begun for you, yet. It will be another few years before Periodic Paralysis will fully unleash itself on your sweet body.

Please know that Daddy and I love you and are proud of you. Picture retakes are so insignificant. You are full of laughter and wittiness. Your sense of humor is so fun. And! I am so excited for your birthday celebration soon! You are going to flip out over your present. It's almost the very best thing you could wish for. Almost. The very best thing is related to what you are getting.

Just know that we love you. Jesus goes before you, behind you and guards you on each side.

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