Thursday, November 13, 2008

Persevering Ants


Thank you for sharing with me this amazing demonstration of perseverance! Watching these ants with their seemingly serious job of leaf-piece transportation was a marvel. You were so excited when you came into my office. You waited patiently while I returned a couple of business calls and then we set out to observe as you said, "A tremendous example of perseverance". You were right! Remember the north wind that was blowing? You said, "the leaf pieces are acting like sails" as our little ant fell down with his leaf. Undeterred, he picked up the gargantuan leaf and kept walking down his path. Oh, the determination and busy-ness!

On and on the ants marched in their line. Sometimes an ant got disoriented, but quickly he got back on track. I love the relational aspect of these ants. Remember above, how they followed the leader and stayed together?

Remember that they started at the top of this picture by the fenced in garden and continued their path along the rock path you are standing on? They continued all across the grassy area in this picture and went past me, over the wall to the creek where we lost sight of them. Where in the world were they going? I was astounded at the distance they traveled and the weight of their burden.

They were so persistent that they wore the grass away and a little "ant highway" was revealed.

I loved this example of two ants helping each other with this leaf piece. Oh, how I would love to have eavesdropped on their conversation!

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