Monday, May 12, 2008

Meow, Meow!

After an all day migraine, I was looking for a diversion. My headache had eased up and with an eager Princess at my side, we headed for the creek. Fishing before bedtime has become an obsession, a-hem, welcome distraction to the end of the day. King was at a meeting, so the girls hit the creek bank with fishing rods in tow.

Princess chose blood flavored Powerbait for catfish at Wal-Mart at our last visit to the fishing department. The girl is good. What a good hunch. This is the second time that we used it and on a whim, we just squished some dough bait onto our regular lures. You would not believe the chorus of cheers that went up from the water. Bass hit it, perch hit it and then ... BOOM!

Previously we had a few sessions of hyperventilation as this long catfish would slide through the water, but we could never get him interested in our offerings. The water is so clear in this creek that it's a bit like cheating. You can cast where you see the fish and then watch them follow the lure. There's no guarantee that they will bite, but it certainly lets you know which lures make them yawn and which ones make them excited.

Princess is my photographer and just as I said, "Take one more picture!", he splashed me RIGHT. IN. THE. FACE with all of his "fishy-ness". I guess I deserved that.

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