Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Creepy Things

I have found Lisa's blog and love it. You should drop by for a visit. For me, the fun thing about visiting blogs is finding people with common interests and beliefs. I am challenged by so many women who are blogging about their sanctification. To strive for holiness is biblical. To walk with the wise is commanded.

With all of that said, Lisa has encouraged me and challenged me all while I lurked on her blog. In a fun little posting, I saw her post about creepy things and just had to copy her idea. She only listed 5 things, but I'm going to list 10 because, well, I guess I'm borderline OCD. :)

Things that give me the creeps, in no particular order:
1. Public handles: shopping carts, gas pumps, restaurant doors, bathroom fixtures, just to name a few.
2. Bodily fluids.
3. Non-chlorinated bodies of water. Add people and it gets worse.
4. Insects (except for ladybugs and dragon flies)
5. reptiles
6. poor hygeine (especially unbrushed teeth)
7. Publicly shared items (sorta goes with #1). Bus seats, airplane blankets, chairs, salt shakers.
8. Hair. Anyone's. Even mine. It can be on my head and loved my me, but if I see that same hair in the shower 10 seconds later ... "Ewwwww!"
9. Gum under the table
10. Mouth kissing anyone besides Superman/King. Cheek kissing is fine.

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