Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's Bird Day

So, the posts from today all have a bird theme. The first photo is of the baby birds in a nest on our back patio. There were 4 baby birds in the nest and they all left the nest yesterday. This photo was taken on the morning that they left the nest. Look at those big eyes looking back at my camera. Aren't they so cu-u-ute?

The next picture was taken by someone else and is what their mommy looks like. She was a busy lady lately feeding all those open, red mouths!

We have moved into our new office and are living here during our year lease. The view over the yard/creek was beautiful yesterday morning. As you can see, there is abundant wildlife on this property. Thankfully no mountain lions. At least we haven't seen or heard of any. There was one sighted in the county just to our south. eeks.

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