Monday, February 16, 2009

Customer Service

In my job, I provide customer support to any of our 6 million potential customers. Thankfully, most of the callers to our company speak very good English. I delight in speaking with customers from overseas as their manners are very polite.

Not so much with the good ole USA. ahem.

Today, Miss New York, New York felt the need to rip strips off of us via her voicemail on our PBX system. When I returned her call, she said (after a long pause when I identified myself), "I thought I said everything I had to say on the phone!"

Well, now. Yes, ma'am, you did. In fact, you said too much, ma'am.

Why can't we use good manners? One of the few things that separate us from the animal kingdom is our manners. (Besides the small fact that we are made in the image of God and animals are not). I know I sound every bit of the southern gal that I am. But, please. Let's all take a deep breath and just be nice.

I think when we call a company, we forget that humans answer the phone. Humans, not animals. Thus, we should all behave like we are the visitors at the zoo, not the occupants at the zoo.

Miss New York, New York was happy as a New England clam when we got off the phone. Glad she's happy, but I wish we could have avoided the whole name calling thing.

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