Thursday, February 26, 2009

After Dark

This is my driveway.

This is my front yard.

This is what lurks in my front yard. After dark.

Tonight King and I walked the trash can out to the road. So romantic. The stars were twinkling, we were holding hands. And the only thing I kept saying was, "Turn the flashlight on again!" I'm such a chicken. We have a creek behind our house and let me tell you, there is no shortage of creatures around our house.

I'm not really afraid of the foxes or other critters, but I am afraid of getting sprayed by a skunk. I have a very sensitive nose and I think I might turn inside out if I got near a skunk, much less sprayed.

What was supposed to be a sweet, romantic walk by starlight was instead a nervous footrace to the road and back to the house. Did I get sprayed? No. Did I even see a skunk? No.

But I'll betcha a skunk saw me.

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