Monday, June 30, 2008

We were all three sick this weekend. Princess brought home lots of fun things from her week at VBS, but she also brought home a virus that was going around. Today, we are mostly all well and I was glad to have the weekend to rest. Poor King is working against deadlines again and worked the entire weekend, sick though he was.

Deadlines aside, we have to address the yard at our other house. Since we are not living there, we need to get the yard in shape to easily care for it. King hired a guy to clean out flowerbeds and level the dirt in the beds. The guy started this morning and while he was digging away, we bought lots of plants at Home Depot which will be planted in the morning. I can't wait to show you the pictures. It's going to look so different!

Here are the "before" pictures.
Last July, we took out the big cotoneasters that were in the front flowerbed. Oh, dear. I felt like they made our house look like a scene from the Munsters.

There were several large pittisporum plants that got a moldy disease and died. Living through software and Period Paralysis episodes didn't give us much time to do yardwork, so we never got around to replacing the pittisporum.

What gal doesn't swoon when her man puts a chain around the Munster bushes, downshift into 4x4 and YANK those evil bushes from the ground?!

You go, King!

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