Friday, March 14, 2008

She did it!

Princess had two of her closest friends spend the night on Wednesday night and then we picked up a third friend on Thursday. They all had fun and then at 1:15 we went to the salon for her hair donation. My stylist is the owner of the salon and she did a super great job on Princess. These are the pictures of before and after.

One of the things I told the girls is, "When you go through something eventful in your life, be sure to have your girlfriends with you. They can cheer you on, encourage you or lift your spirits." I so want these girls to continue to learn the true meaning and value of friendship ... that they are never alone ... that they always have each other. We celebrated friendship in a pre-teen way with going to the salon together and then going for ice cream afterwards.

Life is good!


Katybug said...

I had seen her haircut last week and loved it, but I didn't know WHY she had done it!!! Those are some awfully sweet girls, and what a great lesson in friendship for them. You are an awesome mommy. :-)

And BTW, if you haven't seen our new puppy, go see him on my blog!!! He's a love!

Josha said...

That is quite possibly the best giggly girls picture I've ever seen. And, Lauren, not only does your hair look terrific, your donated hair will make another little person feel terrific! Yay for my niece!

Josha said...

Oh! I just realized that your friend may still need the ponytail....I was thinking, " wig" but I read it again, so even more special...someone you know and love will have Lauren's beautiful hair!