Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lord, Help us. She's genetically linked to me in so many unfortunate ways.

This is how her room looks at this very minute. Normally she cleans up before she goes to bed, but we were working on a school project before bedtime. Then King and I agreed to let her sleep in our room again tonight, so I totally forgot to check her room.
For the love of all that is ... unholy. Look at this. Please note the chinese take out container and drink on her desk! You might think it took her a week to get this room in such a fine state. Nay. It took part of one day. A day filled with church, errands and a school project, too. It took her mere hours to do this. One can only conclude that the chaos of sin nature is alive and well in our home and that the sooner Jesus comes back, the better we will all be!

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